Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Moose Munching

We saw our first Moose in the North Park area. This guy was munching alongside the Highway 14, just east of Cameron Pass. While North Park is known as the "moose capital of Colorado," we've never seen moose there until now. 

Historical records dating back to the 1850s indicate that moose frequently wandered from Wyoming into northern Colorado, but never established a stable breeding population. In 1978, after years of discussion and debate, state wildlife experts transplanted 24 male and female moose from Wyoming and Utah to create a breeding population in North Park. By 2012, the reintroduction program had established a breeding population of about 2,300 moose in Colorado. Currently Colorado is one of the few state with a growing moose population. (Source)

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  1. We see them in the north and central part of Ontario, particularly in April when they're near the roads- they like the salty water areas near roads after the winter salting of roads.