Thursday, December 25, 2014

IR digital photography

Having some down time today with the holiday, I've decided to revisit the digital IR conversion I had done on a mirror-less Nikon 1 V1. This time I set the manual white balance, as suggested by the conversion company, on a very green house plant. Otherwise these images are straight out of the camera. IThey haven't been post processed an any other way. 

The first image is of the Christmas tree. Notice the plant to the right of the tree comes out as completely white. The tree does not because it is artificial. There is an almost a surreal glow to the ornaments, but otherwise it does not look too out of the ordinary.

The second image is of an ornamental cabbage. It really exhibits the ghost like quality of an IR image.

The final image is of the back yard. The partially dead grass is mostly white, while the paving stones and wall are warm colored. Interestedly the dog looks pretty much as he always does.

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