Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Alicia Sanchez International School Open Space/Medical Update

 These images are from another visit to the Nature Kids Discovery Zone at the Alicia Sanchez International School here in Lafayette. 
When you see this posting on Tuesday I will be under the knife getting my knee replaced. About two months ago I was told that the damage to my knee necessitated having a full knee replacement. I'll post further news when I return from the hospital towards the end of the week. 
My husband discovered this park early in the summer. When the black eyed Susans erupted into full bloom mid-summer, he had to share it with me.  So one weekend we visited the park and took these photographs.
This park is located adjacent to the Alicia Sanchez International School and is used by the students for learning about the environment.
That's all for now. I you want to wish me well, leave it in a comment below. 

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