Wednesday, May 27, 2020

#WednesdayWindow: Bringin' Back an Oldie

One of my best windows, a Holga from the Rhyolite Jail in Death Valley, California:

CLICK HERE to view a variety of our past visits to Death Valley.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Please Be Patient With My Updates..........and Remember Memorial Day

Remember to keep those who have passed on, especially due to the Pandemic, in our Thoughts and Prayers.

I'm still working out the changes.  But I think for now I have settled on this Theme, although the final layout may change.

Like the Miner above, we are still 'mining' for new ideas.  And with the times we are living in, the tone of this blog will from time to time take a serious or more deeply thoughtful turn.  Be patient with that also.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Gardening Update........

Planted the first set of starter plants.  My Collard Greens and Swiss Chard.  I didn't grow these, but did need to keep them inside until the frost season was past.  Always plant after Mother's Day is the rule around here.

And their outdoor habitats.  First the Chard:

The Collards, below, require more room because the plants will get quite large:

And I planted my Lettuce, although I'm about a month late.  But we'll see what I get before the summer burnout.

Coming Soon, the Heirloom Tomatoes and Thai Eggplants that I did start from seed.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Some Post-Birthday Thoughts on Isolation and Re-Opening

Many of the blogs that I follow have focussed on our recent Isolation via the 'stay home' policy.  I've had my ups and downs with working from home and social distancing, but I have not been seriously depressed or anxious about the future.  I have strong contacts on social media with friends that live in other states, am using FaceBook and texting more and yes, there is that old school thing, you know, the Telephone Call....And my neighbors have a Wednesday evening Happy Hour, where we spend 90 minutes or so at the appropriate social distance drinking beer or wine (we bring our own).  I have to say, I have wonderful neighbors.

I also have a lot (more than I sometimes can stand) of teleconferencing for work.  And I did have to get used to my husband working from home in the next room.  But I've settled in now.......I've established a routine that is enriched by vocal music lessons, which I do on Zoom, starting my gardening and my photography, of course.  I'm changing my own artistic direction (visit My Inner Monet) and involved with some on-line photo groups like The Frugal Film Project.

So I've kept 'Isolation' in check by actually reaching out and staying in touch with people.  Now for the Re-Opening.......First, I've been through so much over the past decade; survived some real life threatening situations.  The LAST thing I am willing to do is take any risk that could lead to COVID-19.  I am also facing eye surgery to correct for damage cause by my brain tumor.  I'm not participating in the Re-Opening until my vision problems are resolved.  I don't want to risk any type of infection that could postpone my surgery.  I leave the house to walk the dog, go to Dr's appointments, do photography, and see (yes actually visit) a few friends at the proper social distance.  And my employer seems to be in no rush to get us back into the office.

I'm staying home, staying safe, with no regrets.
That's what I need to do!

My advice:  Do What You Need To Do!