Saturday, October 16, 2021

And the legs have it .... Well at least the right one.

Adventures in modern medicine during Covid

Here I am at 5:30 AM, waiting for them to take me in for surgery. I'm having the surgery done at the Good Samaritan Medical Center here in Lafayette. We choose this hospital because it is rated in the top 50 nationally for surgical outcomes. Except for the other patients of the day, the Hospital was very empty that early in the morning. 

Here is a before photo of the leg. It will never look like this again!

Out of bed after surgery. The actual surgery took around an hour and the surgeon said he was very pleased with the results. The white stockings are compression stockings to reduce post surgery swelling. I will be wearing these on my right leg for many weeks.  

Needless to say, with everything happening to me, I was at risk for falls. 

Day 2.  Hooked up to the ice machine. This device continuously circulates ice cold water over my knee to help control pain and swelling. This now belongs to me and I'll be taking it home for daily icing. 

First real walk around the ward on day 2. Everything is working as expected. 

Out of the hospital. Rather than going immediately home, I spent ten days (9 nights) at my Mother-in-laws guest room. She lives in a single story ranch house. The guest room was only a few steps to an accessible shower and bath, and entry only required navigating a handful of stairs.   

Here's my knee post surgery. The bandage is waterproof and stays on for two weeks. So far, 11 days in, no leaks! Except when I bathe I'm wearing the white compression stocking from the earlier photo. 

See you in about a week with an update after they remove the bandage! 


Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Alicia Sanchez International School Open Space/Medical Update

 These images are from another visit to the Nature Kids Discovery Zone at the Alicia Sanchez International School here in Lafayette. 
When you see this posting on Tuesday I will be under the knife getting my knee replaced. About two months ago I was told that the damage to my knee necessitated having a full knee replacement. I'll post further news when I return from the hospital towards the end of the week. 
My husband discovered this park early in the summer. When the black eyed Susans erupted into full bloom mid-summer, he had to share it with me.  So one weekend we visited the park and took these photographs.
This park is located adjacent to the Alicia Sanchez International School and is used by the students for learning about the environment.
That's all for now. I you want to wish me well, leave it in a comment below. 

Monday, September 27, 2021

Success! SolarCan revisited

 Back in 2020 we got our second box of SolarCans. The first set were part of a Kickstarter but many were defective. This can was set up across our street on a neighbor's balcony, facing south. It has been recording for just shy of a year. In the lower part of the image you can make out the recent construction and the open space path. This is what a successful solar gram looks like. 

Thursday, August 19, 2021

First Harvest of the Summer

Sorry about the late post. Today we got the first harvest from our garden. Not bad actually. This year has proved difficult. The first plants we put out succumbed to pests and died. So this bounty is from our second attempt. We've got one healthy tomato plant, three peppers, an egg plant, and some kind of pickling cucumber.

Sunday, August 8, 2021

More from the Nature Kids Discovery Zone

Near the Alicia Sanchez International School is an open space park that we recently discovered. A month ago the whole area exploded with black-eyed Susans. Here are some images I took of that.