Thursday, August 11, 2022

A mass shooting in my old home town

 You may not have heard about this, but last Sunday there was a mass shooting in the Over-the-Rhine neighborhood of my old hometown Cincinnati. None of the majors networks seemed to covered it. The only reason I even know about it, is a single national report, I can't remember where. Please read the article at the link to the Cincinnati Enquirer website (link here) for the details. I especially recommend the embedded video of the mayor's press conference. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2022

St. Louis Arch at Night


This is one of those instances where the cell phone ended up being the better camera. I tried to capture this scene with a crop sensor sony, but could never get a decent image. First cell phone attempt was a keeper. 

The texture on the left side of the arch is exaggerated by the evening light. During the day it is barely noticeable. The shape of the arch is a catenary, which is the same shape a hanging chain makes. 

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Room with a view of the Arch

 The St. Louis Arch, that is. On our recent road trip to Ohio to attend my family reunion, we decided to splurge and book a hotel room overlooking the arch. Having never seen the arch in person, my husband was quite impressed. I'd seen it, and travelled up to the top, as a child. With my reduced vision, I was having difficulty seeing the arch, so I tried my special goggles and was able to see it!  

In the next post we will share some photos taken of the arch at night. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Johnson Family Reunion; an overview

I sent this letter to local friends a few days ago as an overview of the recent reunion activities. I'll get back to you soon with additional details of the trip.

Dear Friends, we just got back from a long road trip to Ohio for the second Johnson family reunion. Overall it was good, but there were ups and downs. Let's start with the ups.

The host, my cousin Dwight, was doing quite well. My Mother brought her friend from church and enjoyed herself. And I met lots of my younger cousins. I especially spent a lot of time talking to my brother Wesley's children Lizzy and Cedric. I really enjoyed getting to talk to them at length. 

Now for the downs, and really only two. My Florida branch of the family dropped off their father and my brother, Kevin, and then spent the rest of the day at the mall! So I barely got to speak with any of them. When they finally did arrive, they quickly ate bar-b-que before leaving again to bowl the rest of the evening.  I had really wanted to talk to them about their kid's plans for college, but never got the chance.  Somehow they lost sight of seeing family, as the goal of a family reunion. But, at least they seemed to have a good time. The second down is that my brother from Washington state, Wesley, decided to bring COVID with him to share with the family. Donald and a handful of other family, including my Mother, is currently sick. So far I'm still testing negative on the home test, but I am starting to show symptoms. 

Let's end with something positive. My cousin Dwight decided to honor my father's 100th birthday by commemorating the reunion to him; Vernon Johnson. Dwight had these T-shirts made and we decided to visit his grave and share it with him. See the photograph above. 

Happy birthday Dad!

Saturday, July 16, 2022

Johnson Family Reunion

 We've headed back to Ohio for the Johnson family reunion today. Getting to see my mother, brothers, and endless cousins. Will post photos when we return.