Sunday, July 18, 2021

Community Art to Celebrate our Little Town

At the end of our street is a small park. Four of the trees in that park died a number of years ago. They stood as grey sentinels for a number of years. Recently we noticed that they had been reduced to tall stumps. At the time we thought it strange that the stumps were so large. Then one day we saw someone carving one of those stumps with a chain saw. Within a week, the stump had be transformed into a rooster running a race in sneakers.  

Talking to the artist we learned that he would construct four sculptures out of the dead tree trunks, each representing something iconic about our town. We have a fun run every winter. The rooster was created to celebrate that. 


The goat was to celebrate the many public concerts held in our little community. 

The pig sits on top of a box of peaches. He's to celebrate our annual peach festival and the many restaurants along the town's traditional main street.  You may remember him from a previous post from May.

 The last is the Canada Goose, dressed as a painter. It's to celebrate the strong community arts programs in our little town.


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